About project

Sensteria is the first pillow in the world that was created with the health of people spending many hours in a sitting position. Thanks to the mobile application, the user can analyze his position taken during the day. With the machine learning used in the system, the user will immediately receive a notification if his current position is unfavorable to his health.

Our tasks

React Native development for iOS and Android, Web app


Backend: implementation of machine learning to analyze sitting positions
Frontend: Management of BLE with React Native librarie


To meet the client needs, we provided with the MVP of mobile app which let trainers to collect necessary data which we can
later use to build proper tensorflow model


1. Learning mode – mode for the purpose of providing datasets for TensorFlow
to learn and improve its algorithm. The mode available with specific role/.

2. Connect Pillow – Connect the prototype was a big problem because there
were manufacturing defects we solved the problem on Warsaw with
technical support from the factory.

3. Making an admissions panel & Back End with the ability to host the data
from all the cushions with the adaptation itself with the artificial
intelligence according to all the users results.

4. By understanding the business model & technologies, we are allowed to be
a partner of choice, our goal is now to be able to make industrial models in
Poland and help sensteria to make a good deal with a factory.


Health Care
Back-end – Front-end, Paring bluetooth, learning mode