Android applications

Find out why developing Android applications is our specialty.
Mobile application - why is it worth it?
Are you thinking about your own application? We will tell you why it is a good idea! Every business should consider offering apps to its customers. This is because there are a number of benefits for both sides. Create an Android application - it makes sense!
Handy, located directly on your smartphone without the need for a browser - here are some of the advantages of the application. But the most important of them is probably that it is first and foremost a great marketing tool. The ability to activate the customer even by sending push notifications or collecting his data is worth appreciating. Thanks to this, you can personalize the offer and this translates into money. Something that business sharks like most. (And we like designing Android applications the most.)

What application can we create for you

We program mobile applications for smartphones with the Android operating system. During many years of work, we have already created apps for various industries, established for completely different purposes. We have extensive experience. See what projects we have already completed!

In our portfolio you will find applications:

  • intended for the world of finance,
  • using recently fashionable blockchain technology,
  • social,
  • using geolocation,
  • for event participants such as festivals, fairs ...

Yes, yes - we can create a lot. We are looking forward to challenges!

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Android application development - what technologies do we use

We use numerous technologies: programming languages, frameworks and infrastructure. Thanks to this, we are able to offer a solution that will certainly satisfy you.

We select the technology after collecting the requirements from you. Your Android app will work flawlessly because it will be built on the basis environment that suits its goals. We will use another framework for the application created for the needs of a short promotional campaign. Still another, if the app is to have numerous advanced features.

Framework is the base of the application, it defines its structure and mode of operation. We use Java, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native here.

We create native applications, i.e. written from scratch for the needs of only one operating system. In this case, of course, it's Android. Developed in this way that the application works quickly and smoothly.

In the general consciousness, programming is a language. The ones we use to create Android applications and their API communication engines are Java, C # and C ++.

Of course, mobile apps work only when are connected to the internet. (Although some features are also available offline). Each newly created information is saved in the cloud, making the application personalized. We use the following ones: AWS, Google Cloud Services and Azure.

Interested? Do you want to learn more? Contact us. In our software house we will create the dream mobile application for you!