Code optimalization

The program crashes, something still does not work. Code optimization needed? We'll take care of it!

When the system stops working as it should ...

Do you have your own website, mobile or desktop application or maybe any management system? Our shark instinct tells us that you can complain about one of the following problems:

  • slowdown,
  • no response,
  • inoperative / unloading elements.

Program features are extremely important. Also appearance, visual form is of great importance. However, none of these features seem to matter when the system suddenly starts to fail. All the pleasure of using suddenly disappears. Today performance is simply crucial. Nobody has time in a busy world for a long loading of websites or no response from the application. If nothing works smoothly, you can't simply use the system / website / application. We certainly agree on that, which is why you are here!

Code optimization - in which situations?

You can count on us if you use the following infrastructure: AWS, Google Cloud Services and Azure. These three clouds are automatically scalable. This means that when the number of users of your program increases, server instances multiply immediately. However, it may happen that the website slows down and the application stops loading. And then we come in!

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If your software was created with the use of such frameworks as Spring, AppEngine, .NET Framework - here we will also manage.

In our software house, we'll take care of the code optimization - that is we will change the code but keep the functions. Important! It is not always possible to get all the desired changes. Sometimes you have to compromise - think about which functions of the program are more important. Sometimes optimization costs mean that making all the desired changes ceases to be profitable. That is why perfectly optimized code may not always be possible. Therefore, to be clear at the beginning, find out ...

How we work

If you contact us, we will solve your problem in five simple steps:

  • we will measure efficiency,
  • we will estimate costs,
  • we will find a bottleneck,
  • we will analyze the profitability of solving the problem,
  • If you give us the green light - we will solve your problem.

Overcoming problems is our specialty. We are already grinning our sharks at the thought of code optimization - contact us now!