Web applications

Creating web applications is something that we have in little finger ... we mean - in little fin.

Web applications - what is this?

Our shark team specializes in creating web and mobile applications. How are they different? The latter are installed on your smartphone. Weather, social or your bank app - you have certainly had contact with least one of them.

Web applications are those that you access directly from your browser. You enter the website's address and it's ready! Wait - we wrote the page ...? Yes, all advanced web portals that enable interaction by:

  • logging in,
  • buying,
  • booking services, etc.,

is nothing but web applications! Online stores, your online language course or the site through which you book your accommodation - these are all apps.

Thanks to the user's interaction with the application, it collects data about it. These include, for example his e-mail address, business hours, in the case of stores - the value of the shopping cart, address and often the phone number. This information can be much more and today - as you know - data is money. If you have them and can use them to make your business grow - that's great. We will help you achieve your goals. All you have to do is to take this first step - you decide to implement the application.

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Creating web applications - what projects are behind us?

We've already developed apps for various industries: finance, cryptocurrencies, events, communities, etc. Some of them use geolocation and blockchain technology.

Our web applications are user-friendly - both for you, i.e. business and users. We integrate them with CMSs, i.e. content management systems, so that you can easily introduce content (texts, pictures, movies etc.) Thanks to the used technologies, our applications load really quickly even when there is a lot of traffic on them.

Well - what technologies do we use ?

The language we use for programming is JavaScript. This is a script that is most often used when creating websites. The next language is TypeScript - a superset of JavaScript. We are also familiar with Dart, PHP, HTML, C # and CSS (cascading style sheets).

The environment, i.e. the framework on which we base, is Node.js, React.js, Angular. It is used by many giant companies: IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo !, Uber, Netflix or LinkedIn.

If you want to learn more about creating custom web applications, please contact us. Our software house team will gladly answer all your questions.