Consulting Digital Transformation
23% Increase In Performance

Our reviews of the legacies code, our suggestions of refactoring scenarios have significantly decreased the ERP maintenance efforts and has scissored the TCO, which will be beneficial shortly. There has been a 23% increase in the add-in performance of ERP with 2.5 times fewer incidents.

32% Cost Reduction of TCO

We have analyzed and formalized over 20 business processes and have initiated an idea for the automation of more than 4000 business activities based on open source technologies. As a result, there was a 32% reduction cost in TCO and an execution in 40 Toyota dealership centers.

Customized consulting at every stage of business evolution

IT consulting is a constructive investment that will bring longterm benefits. Be it a minute modification to the existing system or refinement from scratch, we predict the output of the choice of technology and offer practical suggestions on how to attain business growth with minimum investments.

  • 1. Start

    For young and newborn businesses, we at Sharkz execute and all-round market research and technology road mapping to achieve accurate decision-making. Our team of professionals also dispense ad-hoc training on what needs to be implemented effectively to achieve the required target.

  • 2. Scale

    Sharkz aids business organizations and owners to expand systems that will help in providing solutions to the increased market complexity and participation. We traverse distinctive operational and financial capabilities and growth points to come up with the best scenarios for expansion.

  • 3. Disrupt

    We at Sharkz offer malleable engagement models. We guarantee a long-term partnership with your organization to help you keep up with the advancements of technology by continuously updating and amplifying your infrastructure with the latest technological evolutions.

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