Hire Top 6 % Developers
Why 6%?

We have named ourselves “ITSHARKZ” because we want to make our mark in this vast ocean called the digital world.
As a team of dedicated professionals, we constantly push ourselves to work with the best from around the world. Our meticulous screening process identifies experts in specific fields who are driven by passion.

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The lTSHARKZ Screening Process

The first step of the screening process involves an evaluation of comprehensive English language and communication skills. We also assess their personality traits because we only look for candidates who are passionate about their work and have a sense of dedication towards it.

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Hire Top Talent / Apply as a worker

We are a diverse group of strategists, designers, and technologists who have a decade of experience helping people turn their dreams into realities.

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No Requirement for Additional Infrastructure

We have an established team of skilled leaders who always ensure that knowledge is constantly exchanged. Apart from human resource management, our leaders do a wonderful job of saving time and money by working along with the new employees.
Build your new product team!

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Why work with us?

You will not have to spend extra time to take the lead in the hiring process. We will do it for you while you can focus on more important business matters.

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Discover our other services
MVP Development

Is your product complete and ready for running? We’ve got your back! Right from picking the most adequate scope for the first release, deciding on the technology, and ensuring thorough project management and product ownership, till the finish line, we’ve got you covered.

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Web Development

We started our journey as a custom software development company. Our team of developers has expertise in both front-end and back-end operations, and they implement the best solutions and latest technologies.  Our developers work hand-in-hand with product managers and quality assurance specialists to deliver the best end-to-end product for you.

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Mobile App Development

We develop apps for both iOS and Android devices by utilizing native languages and cross-platform alternatives. Our custom software development is the best, and we guarantee the smooth functioning of applications on a variety of devices

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Product workshops

Do you have an interesting idea? Have you dreamt of bringing a product or service to life? You have us! We provide a completely customized software development service, beginning with a continuous series of Design Thinking workshops. We will draft a detailed roadmap for you, amplify the delivery of value proposition, and design a successful prototype that will allow you to test your concept.

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Designing The Product

We follow a customized approach to bring visual value to your project. Our team of expert strategists and UX/UI designers will always be ready to create stellar interfaces, brand new custom products from scratch, and provide UX and UI designs for already existing apps.

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Scrum Team Augmentation

Your MVP has been built. Now what? It’s time for its maintenance and drafting a roadmap to refine the product development and help you keep growing. We’ll ensure that there are zero bugs and bring out the best version of your custom product. An on-demand scrum team will be deployed for you!

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Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a crucial aspect of all startups. We know that you want to achieve massive growth in a short time without burning a hole in your pocket. We will help you with that. Our team at Sharkz will make sure the product receives maximum growth in minimum time.

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User And Market Testing

Wrong assumptions will cost you in the long run. Therefore, before developing the product, we will help you in the quick validation of your concept. We will prepare interviews of users to verify the persona and usability of your product, which will help in improving the UX of your product. Our team will deliver its best to increase the chances of your product’s success in the market.

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