Start-up studio
  • User-centric Approach

    Our focus is not just the specifications of a product. We analyse the requirements and expectations of users. That’s what makes our method of dealing with startup MVP’s unique. We use the user-centric approach because an incessant user-testing and dedicated implementation of feedback are what make a product viable.

  • Agile Development

    Our work mantra is simple: Work In
    Scrum. Work is organised into sprints,
    improvements are made, and we
    adjust the scope of the project
    wherever and whenever necessary.
    We make sure that work isn’t handled
    clumsily because we reckon that an
    agile approach to work is the best
    way to control the budget and
    timeline of a project.

    Interdisciplinary experience

    A decade of experience in working with big companies like Legal Tech, IoT, MedTech, FinTech, and many others has made us adaptable. We are quick in changing our approach to new industries and meeting the demands of changing project types. We have mastered the art of finding similar patterns and features, that help us in decisive switching between projects.

  • Business Thinking

    We have worked hard for our startup and can completely relate to your struggle. A piece of advice we’d like to give you is that a startup is more than technology. There’s more to it, and we’d like to assist you in discovering that. Allow us to embrace your idea, and be a part of your journey.

    Talent At It’s Best

    We do not recruit just anybody.
    Our on-going recruitment
    process allows the selection of
    only 5 percent of total candidates
    who will add to the quality of our
    studio. That is why our services
    are of top-notch standards. We
    stick to our experienced long-
    term employees who have been
    contributing to our success all
    the while.

  • Independent And Dedicated Team

    We have an amazing dedicated team of skilled project managers, trategists, designers, developers, and testers- all of whom are capable of converting an idea on paper to a fully successfully running product. We won’t disappoint you.

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