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  • While penning down a landing page copy, it is essential that you:

    Undoubtedly, ‘copy’ is one of the most core features on a website that decides the quality of the visitor experience. Before you start designing a landing page, think about how to elaborate on your product or business idea.

  • Specifically, address the problem, and put forward a solution.
  • Use headlines that are strong and positive.

    Once you’ve reached an unequivocal perception about the core value proposition, describe it in such a manner so that your potential customers will relate to it. Putting out things in a plain Google Document can help in sorting this out.

  • Stress on the benefits instead of the features.
  • Keep the description crisp, and the landing pages should be made scannable
  • Consider this before and after example for the same ride-sharing business idea that we have already discussed:

  • Before
    An advanced ride-sharing technology at your disposal

    We’ll pick you up- when, where, how – You Decide

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