Development of a SaaS platform for hospital management

Development of a SaaS platform for hospital management
Pauchet Santé
Project manager
Backend Team Leader
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Our team has developed an innovative SaaS platform designed for hospitals, enabling efficient centralized management of medical equipment contracts and medical staff. The goal was to simplify contract tracking and management while providing real-time alerts to external stakeholders for proactive maintenance and optimized personnel management.

Ongoing Developments:

Complete Applicant Tracking System (ATS) functionality: Implementing an applicant tracking system to optimize recruitment and human resource management in a hospital setting.
Room Reservation System for Senior Hospitals: Developing a room reservation solution tailored to the specific needs of senior hospitals, facilitating the management of admissions and stays.

Impact and Benefits:

This platform allows hospitals to manage their resources and equipment more efficiently and transparently, thus reducing operational costs and increasing staff and patient satisfaction. The new features in development will further enhance this efficiency, improving recruitment processes and optimizing space management for senior patients.

This description highlights the impact and scope of your project while emphasizing your team’s innovation and ongoing commitment to improving hospital management systems.

Our Tasks
Medical Equipment Contract Management: Comprehensive tracking of equipment contracts, with automated alerts for deadlines and maintenance needs.
Medical Staff Contract Management: Tools to manage all aspects of physicians' contracts, including renewals and modifications, with detailed metrics to evaluate staff effectiveness.

Features for Patients:

Comprehensive Care Services: Offers a wide range of medical, surgical, and obstetric services, including specialized rehabilitation and home hospitalization.

National Coverage: Several specialized centers and clinics across France.

Patient-Centered Approach: Emphasizes early treatment, patient empowerment, and high-quality care.

Features for Healthcare Professionals:

Advanced Tools and Facilities: Access to state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology.

Professional Development: Opportunities for continuous training and career advancement.

Collaborative Environment: Strong focus on teamwork and expertise sharing.

Features for Healthcare Facilities:

Partnerships and Collaborations: Engaged in strategic partnerships to improve healthcare services.

Data Security: Ensures data security with certified health data hosting.

Innovative Healthcare Services: Commitment to innovation in care delivery and patient management.

They demonstrated great proactivity and a good ability to adapt to changes

Thanks to ITSharkz, the client received positive praise from end users. The service provider ensured quick responsiveness through virtual meetings. Their proactivity, professionalism, and advanced technical expertise were key elements of their work.

Giuseppe Insolia
CFO, Sarl Relevance
They closely monitor the quality of their team’s work as projects progress.

Thanks to ITSharkz’s efforts, the project was successfully launched. They delivered everything on time and demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness throughout the work process. Team members are rigorously recruited to ensure project quality. Their regular checks on client satisfaction are particularly noteworthy.

Kirsty Hood
General Manager Fizzup
What impressed me most was their honesty and transparency.

ITSharkz delivered my project with great quality, perfectly meeting my expectations. Communication with them has always been transparent, and responses have been quick, whether by email or during our meetings, both in person or virtual. Their problem-solving skills and collaborative approach were key elements in the success of this project.

Amine Ratl
CEO Assurance Golden Care
Always extremely efficient, methodical, and proactive

Always extremely efficient, methodical, and proactive. The team helped us clarify the specifications of our sometimes complex IT projects and then executed them (from A to Z)! I am delighted with this partnership which will undoubtedly continue in the long term!

Co-founder IFStart
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