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  • An attractive and engaging aesthetic on a landing page helps develop a cohesive brand experience.

    Furthermore, you should design your landing page with simplicity and consistency. Be transparent in your writing. Integrate all the different elements of your landing page, such as icons, buttons, images that accompany your landing page templates. This way you can communicate your values more clearly visually. Remember to use a corresponding aesthetic across all your social platforms to develop a consistent brand experience for your potential and current customers.

  • Give priority to the KPIs, then proceed downwards

    PRO TIP. Also recommended to all of you there using media imagery, graphics, and videos will do everything to complement your main message of the landing page. Only use high-quality pictures and videos that are fitting and suitable for your product, business, or idea. Some resources that you can give a try are Unsplash, Glatisography, Splitshire, and Pexels.


    Knowing about the criteria and the KPIs to focus on during the pre-launch phase is important. On a general note, you have to give priority to those on top of the metrics. Have a glance at the click-through rates to get a comprehensive idea of what will engage and interest the customer. How many people are shifting from the first page to the second page? What is the percentage of people that are selecting the sign-up option?

    Ultimately, your goal is to earn money through the KPI’s. But truth be told, it is the most difficult and complicated aspect to accomplish at an early stage. Let’s start by analyzing the click-through rates. You can say, “22% of people clicked the sign-up button, which took them to another page. That’s great!” After accomplishing that, you get the opportunity to make them aware of further details or direct them to a “Welcome” or “Coming Soon” landing page. That is how you make the customer travel down the funnel.

  • The AARRR Technique

    Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue (AARRR)

  • Send the right amount of traffic to your landing page.

    Set a standard or a benchmark. Try to obtain a 25% conversion rate from the first CTA of a landing page. If you cannot accomplish this, it might be a sign that your product doesn’t sufficiently solve your customers’ problems. It could also suggest that your customers aren’t able to relate to your value proposition. Don’t lose hope! Remember that there several factors that might affect your conversion rates. What can they be?

  • Consider where your audience is coming to visit your landing page.

    Conversions from a paid search are a good indication that people are interested in what you have to offer and are finding it engaging. Your goal is to capture the attention of your audience by offering them the solution that they are curiously and actively searching for. Give a thought about investing in social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms are the keys to successfully directing people to your landing page and also knowing about them for who they are.

    Provide value to visitors to increase conversions

    To increase your conversion rate, you also have to offer something of significant value to the visitors of your landing page. If we take SaaS companies, a beta sign-up or a free tool download will do the job as it does not involve any physical products. SaaS companies have a significant measure of flexibility in their offerings. However, creativity is needed for E-commerce brands.

  • Kickstarter is one effective way through which new companies are catching interest.

    What does that involve? If people promise monetary transactions or make pre-orders, it’s a good sign. It suggests that there is some amount of appetite for your solution. Think out of the box about the types of incitements you can offer your audience to considerably increase conversions. How about discounts, free samples, etc. Instead of that, you could also ask visitors their contact details such as email ID or phone number to receive notifications about the product’s launch.

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